Electric Outdoor Large Display Menorah

Electric Outdoor Large Display Menorah
Electric Outdoor Large Display Menorah

Electric Menorah Sale

Electric Outdoor Display Menorah store. Shop now for a display or tabletop electric menorah including energy saving light bulbs.

Public Display Menorahs

An electrical menora is an ideal choice for a public display as well as for home use. We offer them in all sizes for personal use or for use inside or outside synagogues, schools, public squares. Branches can be converted to oil through a conversion kit. We carry our line in stock, buy yours early while quantities last. They sell out every season !

Shop from our exclusive in stock holiday electrical displays for this season with our exclusive list of products that ship fast. We are an approved government of the United States registered re-seller under the SAM governmental database so we are the only suppliers to government and municipal city halls. Some of our larger display models come complete with storage & carrying case. Note: shipping prices may be requiring adjustment for the over sized large models. We’ve been in business since 1999 for over 17 years supplying replacement bulbs and parts for all our models.

Classic brass candelabras are sturdy and beautiful. Ideal for lighting in oil and when available with the model electricity. The interchangeability is a great convenience. Our Chabad design is available in three, six, nine, and twelve feet tall. The width of the candelabra is proportionately sized to each height option. The electrical wiring runs through the main stem and out to each of the branches. The side of the main stem features switches to easily turn on and off the lights for that particular day of Hanukkah. The new feature only recently introduced in the last two years allows for automatic programming and let it do it’s thing hands free for eight days ! These candelabras are just perfect for shopping malls, banks, halls and any public arena. Buy your indoor or outdoor electric menorah today. 

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